Home and business alarm systems have some things in common. They can protect all exterior doors and windows or just the doors and some of the more accessible windows with the use of strategically installed motion sensors. It is recommended that both homes and business have sirens, bells, or strobe lights to deter would be intruders from continuing further. Glass break sensors may be desired to protect areas with many windows, or seismic detectors may be placed directly on a specific window. ASI Security offers free security analysis of your home or business. ASI Security offers security alarm controls from Interlogix, a well known trusted name residentially or commercially. The Interlogix Concord Express, Concord, and Concord Commercial security systems offer the latest in technology to best satisfy your needs. The Concord family of controls features hardwire as well as supervised wireless technologies. The Concord controls feature: Easy arming and secure disarming. Multiple user codes. Special ambush code. Variable delay times for entry/ exit doors. Attractive choice of keypads. “Off, Stay, and Away” levels of protection. Back-up battery for power failures. Optional keychain remotes available. Optional X-10 lighting control. Optional Telephone/Voice Control Module. Optional cell phone back-up reporting. Optional “Opening” & “Closing” reporting