ASI Security features digital video recorders (DVR) for all different needs. We have good, better and best products for your budget and security requirements. Digital recorders require little or no maintenance as they have few moving parts. Usually a small cooling fan is all they have. There are no tapes to change, no heads to clean, no degradation of recorded and stored images. The digital recorder can be set to record motion only in desired areas or constant recording. Digital recorders may be connected to your LAN and it can provide for “off site” viewing through the internet Digital Recorders Feature: Multiple camera capacity, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. Expandable hard drives for longer recording and storage times. Time/ Date Stamp Motion/ Alarm/ Continual recording modes. Can be networked to computer system. Remote viewing through the internet. Digital quality images. Rack mountable. Integrated CD or DVD burners to capture and keep specific incidents. Remote viewing through smart phone Camera Features: Black& White or color Standard, discrete, or covert styles. Indoor and outdoor Day/ Night Pan-Tilt-Zoom Infrared